What We Do

Nagle & Associates works with a wide range of charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations to find direction through information collection, analysis, meeting facilitation, planning and assessment.

Below are brief descriptions of recent or ongoing projects.

  • Field scans - talking with field leaders to identify issues of concern, emerging investment opportunities for the foundation or nonprofit, and opportunities to move the field forward.
  • Writing - working with foundation and nonprofit executives to describe a problem that merits attention and their own initiative or activity working to address that need.
  • Community assessments - collecting quantitative (surveys and publicly available data) and qualitative (focus groups and interviews) information to help nonprofit and foundation leaders understand the assets and needs of their community.
  • Strategic planning - using feedback from the community to help charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations better understand their market and position in the community, and working with Board and staff to plan for change, facilitating strategic planning conversations, and identifying markers of progress.
  • Documentation and evaluation - creating and implementing multi-year, multi-method documentation and evaluation projects, working with organizations to create project logic models, and creating and implementing documentation and evaluation training.
  • Grant and initiative support - writing Requests for Proposals, reviewing grant applications, conducting site visits, interacting with grantees to identify learnings and areas of needed intervention, and creating productive grantee convenings.