Recent and On-Going Projects

Nagle & Associates works with a wide range of charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations to find direction through information collection, analysis, meeting facilitation, planning and assessment. Below are brief descriptions of recent or ongoing projects.

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Strategic Planning

  • Implementing organizational assessment and field planning for national nonprofit.
  • Shaping and facilitating Board retreat for a community foundation.
  • Preparing community and issue scan for local women's foundation in preparation for a strategic planning session.

Field Scans and Convenings

  • Working with leadership of a local women’s foundation to identify ways to improve economic security for low-income, low-skill women.
  • Organizing convening of grantees for national charitable foundation to help build strategic communications knowledge and skills.
  • Creating productive, energizing convening of juvenile justice grantees for national charitable foundation
  • Preparing report for a national charitable foundation to identify the opportunities presented in No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) reauthorization to better integrate out-of-school time opportunities with K-12 learning objectives.
  • Preparing report for a national charitable foundation to identify the opportunities presented in State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) reauthorization to help more children and youth access health insurance and quality health care.
  • Preparing report which provides background on aspects of civic engagement for a family foundation.
  • Preparing overview of K-12 public education issues for a local community foundation.


  • Preparing report which outlines a national initiative to engage youth in social change projects for national public charity.
  • Updating technical assistance manual for state-level advocates interested in developing and advocating for a state Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • Preparing report that describes efforts across the nation to institute universal preschool programs, provides pre-school age program and demographic data, and outlines possible funding options for a local non-profit collaboration.
  • Preparing report that provides an overview of dropouts in Arizona, the factors that contribute to increased drop-out rates, and possible policy and program strategies to curb high school dropouts for local public education advocacy group.
  • Preparing report that describes the efforts of community-based and grassroots organizations to engage in local, state, and national policy development and advocacy for a national funders association.
  • Preparing report that identifies key research findings and summarizes efforts to promote microenterprise development among low-income women in the United States for a national charitable foundation.
  • Interviewing national public policy organizations to assess nature of debate, pressure points, and critical issues in the emerging welfare reform reauthorization discussion for a coalition of charitable foundations.
  • Writing document summarizing the fiscal analysis and advocacy efforts of organizations in 22 states for a national charitable foundation.

Community Assessments and Profiles

  • Preparing report for local women's foundation on the status of women in Southern Arizona. Preparing report that identifies need for and supply of after-school and summer programs for children in Arizona for statewide coalition of after-school service providers.
  • Preparing database on status of Kindergarten and preschool programs in Arizona's 1000 elementary schools for Governor's office.
  • Surveying early care and education providers to gather information on education levels and barriers to post-secondary education for local United Way.
  • Interviewing youth leaving foster care to better understand the barriers to a successful transition to independence for non-profit advocacy organization.
  • Conducting focus groups with low-income families in Arizona to better understand the barriers to enrolling in Arizona's Medicaid program (AHCCCS) for non-profit advocacy organization.

Documentation and Evaluation

  • Developing and implementing a three-year documentation of more than 30 library sites working to increase programming for families with young children.
  • Developing and implementing a three-year documentation of a six site effort to address community problems through intergenerational approaches.
  • Working with a national foundation to assess its federal and state tax policy grant making portfolio and to prepare publication targeted at encouraging other grant makers to enter this arena.
  • Undertaking four-site evaluation of library-based programs for parents with young children for a national non-profit organization.

Grant and Initiative Support

  • Preparing Request for Proposals for a multi-funder initiative to support state tax and budget advocacy.
  • Working with a national foundation to develop new initiative to help low-wage workers access public benefits.
  • Interviewing staff of national charitable foundation to help determine possible areas of international collaboration and cross-fertilization in the areas of work and family.
  • Interviewing national and state-based policy and advocacy organizations and preparing a report on key features and issues to consider when establishing a policy analysis organization for local community foundation.

Major Initiatives

Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce

Nagle & Associates coordinates the Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce (GIST) is a national network of grantmakers interested in improving the economic well-being of low-income families in the United States. Established in 1992, GIST operates as an umbrella group for participating funders and philanthropic advisors, providing a neutral forum for strategic discussion and acting as a vehicle to encourage co-investment among foundations and facilitate cooperation among grantees on high priority issues.

Visit the GIST Website

Prosperity Together

Nagle & Associates coordinates Prosperity Together which is a nonpartisan coalition of public women's foundations dedicated to improving the economic security of low-income women and their families in America. Prosperity Together envisions a future where women are economically secure. For America to be truly prosperous, there must be economic security for all, and not just for some.

Prosperity Together seeks to provide ongoing leadership that creates a sea of change in America’s response to poverty—from complacency to equal opportunity. Prosperity Together seeks to inspire greater state and national investments from government, business, philanthropy and institutions in promising best practices, programs and policies to create economic security for low-income women.

Visit the Prosperity Together Website

EITC Funders Network

Nagle & Associates coordinates the EITC Funders Network which brings together funders interested in the Earned Income Tax Credit, free- and low-cost tax preparation, and asset building. The Network seeks to increase awareness of EITC-related projects, foster collaboration, share information about the current status of EITC-related work, and help shape the future of the field.

Visit the EITC Funders Network Website