Nagle & Associates Staff

Ami Nagle, President

Ami Nagle is Owner and President of Nagle & Associates, a national consulting firm focusing on three areas: consultation and support to innovative charitable foundations, public policy analysis and field research for non-profits and government agencies, and evaluation of community programs. Throughout her career, Ms. Nagle has authored numerous research and policy reports, implemented surveys, conducted focus groups, designed public information campaigns, and gathered data for a variety of private- and public-sector sponsored studies of human service, economic security, civic engagement, and education issues. She has lived and worked in diverse communities ranging from Tucson to Durham, and Chicago to Atlanta. Before founding Nagle & Associates, Ms. Nagle headed several major research and public education projects for Voices for Illinois Children and the Illinois Facilities Fund. She holds a masters degree from Loyola University of Chicago, where she was trained in research relating to family and child welfare, urban poverty, and nonprofit administration. She completed her undergraduate studies at Emory University.

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Sarah Griffiths, Senior Associate

Sarah Griffiths, Associate, is a consultant to Nagle & Associates. Ms. Griffiths lives in Tucson, Arizona and works with charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations providing meeting facilitation, research, strategic planning, writing, and other support.

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Catherine Jahnes, Senior Associate

Catherine Jahnes, Associate, is a consultant to Nagle & Associates. She lives in Durham, North Carolina and works with grantmakers and nonprofits to increase effectiveness through program evaluation, strategic planning, and research. She holds a masters degree in public administration from UNC-Chapel Hill and completed her undergraduate studies at Davidson College.

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Cema Siegel, Senior Associate

Cema Siegel, Associate, is a consultant to Nagle & Associates. Ms. Siegel lives in the Washington, D.C. area and works with Nagle & Associates on coordinating and guiding the Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce.

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